Mother holding her child while sitting in a beanbag

Children and Moving Tips

Moving to a new home can be stressful for children and they need time to get used to the idea of the change. Give them as much advance warning as possible, giving them as much information as you can about why you are moving and what they can expect at the new home and location.

  1. Prepare your children mentally about the “Big Day” and what to expect. This is likely the first life-changing event so it could create some anxiety and an adjustment period.
  2. Invite children to talk about their feelings with you, listen to what they have to say and assure them that you understand.
  3. Role play on what the days leading up to and moving day will look like.
  4. Encourage children to be part of the process of what to keep, sell and donate.
  5. Pack their room last and unpack it first. Make packing the items in their room a game with a prize at the end.
  6. Avoid being overly optimistic, but more realistic that change could be hard in the beginning.
  7. Share your feelings around the move so they understand they are not alone.
  8. Focus on the positive aspects of the new home and location and invite them to make a decision, like which park to visit first.
  9. Take them to the new home or show them pictures of it, and ask them how they plan on setting up their new room.
  10. Create a moving countdown as a visual for younger children or put it on the calendar for older children.
  11. Prepare a fun bag for the children during moving day and/or give them a special role that day.
  12. Help them create a memory book of their old home, community and friends.
  13. Don’t forget to share your feelings with someone; adults need support, too!

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